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Avocado Oilmexico

The avocado was first discovered in Mexico in 291 B.C. The rich, creamy fruit reached the far corners of the earth through trade and is still heralded as one of the world’s most delicious healthy foods. Our 100% Pure Avocado Oil comes from Michoacán, Mexico, the largest avocado-producing region in the world. Mexican avocados are high in mono-saturated fats; which studies suggest help reduce bad cholesterol! Avocado oil even helps your body process difficult to absorb fat-soluble antioxidants like vitamin A, D, K, and the beta-carotene present in vegetables.

Our History

For 3 generations our producers have dedicated their lives to growing Mexican avocados in the rich fields of Michoacán. Our non-GMO avocados are carefully selected and harvested from our producer’s heritage orchards. We process our oils under strict international Quality Control Standards in a plant purpose designed to produce the finest avocado oil in the world. Our Avocado Oil is produced locally in Michoacán and is bottled and distributed in nearby facilities in Mexico City.

Production Process

Our expeller-pressed gourmet avocado oil is never blended and is crafted with pride using traditional processes. Pioneered through 30 years of family traditions, our gourmet Avocado Oil retains its subtle natural color and characteristic buttery flavor. This quality can only be found in avocados carefully selected, harvested at the peak of perfection, and cold pressed to retain all of their health benefits.You can taste three generations of tradition in every rich drop of our 100% pure avocado oil.  Like extra virgin olive oil, our cold-pressed avocado oil retains the characteristic nutty flavor and emerald hue of the fresh fruit. However, with the highest smoke point of any plant oil (up to 520 degrees), avocado oil is the healthiest and most versatile cooking oil available.

Our delicious avocado oil offers a healthier replacement for nearly any cooking oil. It’s great for dressings like vinaigrette, ideal for grilling and roasting, or as a garnish for bread, pizza, or fresh fruits and veggies! You can even use it in your baked goods as a heart-healthy alternative to corn or canola oil. Check out our recipe section for recipes and cooking tips.

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Avocado Oil Recipes