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Casa Madana Tequilamexico

Casa Madana Tequila is handmade following heritage tequila production traditions. It contains only two ingredients, the natural fermented nectar of the Weber Blue Agave plant and pure water. These simple ingredients are skillfully guided by master tequila makers and are transformed into Casa Madana Tequila. Our highly coveted tequila is hand crafted with the tequila connoisseur in mind and makes an unforgettable cocktail. However, our ultra-premium tequila is truly best sipped to discover the rich undertones of earthy agave and subtle qualities of each variety. Skip the lime and salt and instead savor the sophisticated and refined taste of our all natural 100% Weber Blue Agave tequila. Casa Madana Tequila is available in your choice of four distinct varieties; Anejo, Reposado, Rosse, and Silver.

Production Process

Casa Madana’s ultra-premium tequila is crafted following the same methods the Landeros Alvarado family has used for more than 500 years. The planting, cultivation, and harvesting of each Weber Blue Agave plant is designed to nurture the heritage lands which have been home to the majestic Weber Blue Agave plant for centuries. The Weber Blue Agave plants are raised naturally and require no pesticide or irrigation. This greatly minimizes the affect cultivation has on the environment. The agave farmer encourages the sustainability of the Weber Blue Agave plant through local propagation which enhances the plants natural reproduction cycle. Each plant is hand harvested and roasted in traditional volcanic rock ovens as it has been done for centuries.
While some brands settle for sweetening their tequila by adding caramel, coconut, or prune concentrate, Casa Madana refuses to compromise the integrity of our tequila. Instead we focus on high quality production to coax out the natural flavors and qualities of each of our varieties. The gem like color and distinctive taste unique to each variety of Casa Madana ultra-premium tequilas are the natural result of the production process such as barrel aging. It is certified as a 100% agave tequila by the Consejo Regulador Del Tequila (CRT), which means it cannot contain any flavoring or chemical which may alter the composition of the tequila. Try them all and discover the authentic taste of 100% pure Weber Blue Agave in Casa Madana Tequila.

Our History

Casa Madana’s hand crafted tequila is produced from start to finish at the Tequilera de La Noria distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, in an area known as tequila valley. Here, nestled amongst a grove of White Oak trees, Casa Madana Tequila is hand crafted following the same methods handed down by 11 generations of master tequila producers. Tequila production is a proud family tradition and throughout the years the Landeros Alvarado family has refused to compromise quality for commercialization. In the1920’s there was a tequila boom which lead to increased production of tequila in and around Jalisco. Bythe 1920’s many tequila producers adopted the practice of adding ingredients to sweeten their tequila and make it more palatable to customers in the U.S. who were not yet accustom to tequila. The resulting “mixed tequila” was bland and less intense than the 100% Weber Blue Agave tequilas representative of the famous state of Jalisco.

Casa Madana Anejo:

Casa Madana Anejo is aged for nine years total, Casa Madana Anejo is a step above its peers. The pronounced bouquet and superior viscosity are imparted over 12 months of maturation in White French Oak barrels brought from Bordeaux, France which were previously used to age whisky. The result is an extraordinary ultra-premium anjeo tequila with an amber hue, refined taste, slow legs, and a drinking experience akin to fine cognac. Sip slowly and enjoy the notes of earthy agave, buttery chocolate, and a hint oak.

Casa Madana Resprado:

Casa Madana Reposado Tequila matures for 12 to 18 months in French White Oak whiskey barrels to achieve the ultimate smooth and refined taste. This process allows our Reposado tequila to take on natural translucent golden hues and a pleasant oak finish. Savor and discover the pronounced notes of exotic fruit, agave, and woody oak.

Casa Madana Rosse:

Our Rosse Tequila has the honor of being certified as one of the few Blanco Rosas Tequila by the Consejo Regulador Del Tequila (CRT). It’s unique rosy hue is the result of aging a full 12 months in French Oak Barrels previously used to age a Vintage Bordeaux Wine. Serve straight or chilledand discover this one of a kind light tasting tequila with notes of roasted agave, faint white pepper, and the subtle sweetness of fine vintage wine.

Casa Madana Silver:

Casa Madana Silver is a full flavor crystal clear tequila crafted from extra mature 8 to 9-year-old Weber Blue Agave plants. It is refined through triple distillation where it passes through a21-point micro-carbon filtration system which extracts impurities leaving only the pure agave flavor to blossom in each sip. The light crisp taste of our Silver tequila contains notes of sweet agave, citrus, and a pepper finish.

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