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Crafted Cocktails

Crafted Cocktails’ mission is to bring sophisticated, healthy cocktails mixes to your home. Each bottle of all-natural cocktail mix or Shrub mix is handcrafted in California using original recipes and all are naturally low in calories. The premium mixes contain no processed sugars, no preservatives, and are sweetened with 100% real agave nectar. Simply pair with your favorite spirit and enjoy a healthier cocktail mix!

Felicia Vieira mixed her passion with business and founded Crafted Cocktails to introduce consumers to the unforgettable line of healthier gourmet mix at home cocktails. The handmade cocktail and Shrubs mixes were developed from heritage recipes and the quest for an alternative to the high fructose sugar based and artificially flavored mixers available on the market. Felicia fondly recalls her grandmother handcrafting Shrubs Mix to preserve fruit flavors through the winter months when she was young. Vieira’s grandmother was a resourceful culinary artist and also used Shrubs Mix with her husband’s homemade spirits! The resulting crowd-pleasing cocktail is now quickly becoming a favorite among discerning home mixologists everywhere.

The award winning mixes provide sophisticated flavors to please you and all of your guests. Crafted Cocktails offers the home mixologist foolproof cocktail classics like the 100% all-natural Gimlet, Mule, Blood Mary, and Margarita mixes; or exciting new flavor favorites like Spicy Watermelon and Jalapeno Pineapple. Simply add your favorite spirit, garnish, and serve.Still handcrafted just like Grandma Vieira used to make, Crafted Cocktails Shrubs Mix is an all-natural fruit-infused drinking vinegar that provides a new and exciting refreshment possibilities. Pair Shrubs mix with vodka, rum, tequila, gin, or any of your favorite spirits. There are even delicious non-alcoholic soda concoctions to be made with the 100% natural and preservative free Shrub Mixes. Shrubs Mix is available in Blackberry, Asian Pear, Pineapple, and Ginger.

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