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D’Lola Mexican Cousinemexico

Founded in 2011, D’Lola Mexican Cuisine is a family business which sprouted from one family’s decades of agricultural success and famous heritage hot sauce recipes. The D’Lola family team allowed the flavors, fragrances, and colors of authentic homemade Mexican dishes to guide them on their mission to develop new culinary experiences for the consumer. D’Lola Mexican Cuisine has quickly grown to include fine Mexican food and artisanal condiments lines.

Fans of D’Lola Mexican Cuisine are empowered to easily create authentic tasting Mexican dishes using the ever growing library of recipes available on the D’Lola Mexican Cuisine website. All D’Lola Mexican Cuisine Hot Sauces are handcrafted with pride in the same traditions that have always defined the superior quality of D’Lola Mexican Cuisine. D’Lola’s entire line of gourmet foods are certified kosher, gluten-free, and contain no artificial flavors or colors.  All D’Lola products are manufactured under FSSC 22000 certification, meeting GMP, HACCP and ISO quality standards in all its products and processes.

Chipotle Hot Sauce

Enjoy the simple to make, yet hard to forget, authentic Mexican taste of D’Lola Mexican Cuisine for any meal or occasion. Chipotle Hot Sauce is a medium heat hot sauce crafted with smoked dried jalapeno peppers. It has a distinctive smokiness which provides a mildly sweet flavor layered with garlic and spices. Chipotle Hot Sauce is fantastic for BBQ as a marinade for steak, shrimp, pork, chicken, and vegetables.

Peanut Hot Sauce

Peanut Hot Sauce is a mild heat sauce which tastes similar to a Satay sauce. It blends Chile de Arbol and garlic with fresh roasted peanuts to create a creamy sauce ideal for noodles, pasta, stir fry, grilled chicken, or fish.

Green Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Green Jalapeno Hot Sauce is considered a hot heat sauce. It is crafted with crisp green jalapenos which give the sauce a considerable spiciness. This crowd-pleaser can be used over enchiladas or as a zesty marinade for chicken or fish.

Red Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Red Jalapeno Hot Sauce is a medium heat sauce.  The ripeness of the red jalapenos used in D’Lola’s Red Jalapeno Hot Sauce gives it a slightly sweet and spicy flavor that complements a wide variety of dishes. Try it with tuna salad, or mix it with your favorite dip and serve with veggies.

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Chipotle (chee-POHT-lay) pepper is a smoke-dried jalapeño pepper used by ancient Mexican civilizations and present in Mexican cuisine. The smokiness gives the pepper a slightly sweet flavor and combined with garlic and spices give a multi-layered flavor to our delicious hot sauce. Our hot sauce is so versatile that it is perfect for BBQs, use it to marinate and grill steak, chicken, pork, shrimps and vegetables. You can also add a few drops to soups or dressings to add a spicy flavor to your meals.

Think of this hot sauce as the Mexican version of a very simple and tasteful Satay sauce. D’Lola Peanut and chile de arbol hot sauce is made with fresh roasted peanuts and fried chile de arbol mixed with garlic. It blends well with grilled chicken and fish and also you can add it to your noodles, pasta or stir fry vegetables.

Milder than our Red Jalapeño Hot Sauce, our D’Lola Green Jalapeño Hot Sauce is just as tasteful. Green jalapeño is the main ingredient of this deliciousness, hence the color, and it has the perfect amount of spiciness to mix it with a wide variety of dishes such as your favorite Mexican enchiladas or use it to marinate chicken and fish for a one-of-a-kind zesty flavor.

Our Red Jalapeño Hot Sauce has a unique flavor due to the ripeness of our peppers, this brings a slightly sweet but spicy flavor to our tasty product. This hot sauce goes well with almost all kinds of dishes, you can add it to a tuna salad to add some tanginess to a simple meal or mix it with some mayo and chopped onions to create the perfect dip for your veggies.