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Each sip of Lobkowicz’s line of premium beers transports you back to an age when everything was handcrafted. When although things took a bit longer they were done with the attention and precision true craftsmanship demands. Lobkowicz’s award winning premium beers are still crafted by traditional methods developed by generations of artisan brew masters who have made the production of Lobkowicz premium beer their lives work.

Lobkowicz seven regional breweries are located throughout the historical provinces of Bohemia and Moravia in the Czech Republic. They have been producing the world’s most coveted varieties of Czech beer since the Middle Ages. The traditional Czech breweries have played a role in the local economy and in fact, two are owned by some of the most significant families in the country! The oldest of the seven Lobkowicz breweries was founded in 1298. Lobkowicz crafts its beer using certified manufacturing processes and quality Czech raw materials. Lobkowicz premium beers are available in a wide variety of styles to appeal to any drinker’s taste preference.

Lobkowicz Premium Lager is the leading line of Lobkowicz beer and a winner of eleven awards. The unmistakable delicate malt aroma and full bodied flavor with a hoppy bitter bite have made it a fan favorite. Lobkowicz Premium Ale is crafted with Bavarian, Caraaroma, and American Cascade hops varieties. The three hops varieties are cold hopped in the last stages of the brewing process for an intensely refreshing beverage with distinctive notes of grapefruit.

Lobkowicz Premium Wheat is characterized by a natural haze which is caused by the presence of brewer’s yeast. Its high wheat malt content creates a rich foam and the strong flavor of fruit with spicy clove undertones.

Lobkowicz Premium Black offers a stout inspired beer brewed combining three kinds of malt, crystal water pumped from natural lakes, quality hops, and roasted barley. It boasts fully pronounced coffee flavor that surprises the drinker with undertones of caramel chocolate.

Lobkowicz Premium Yeast was recently awarded the 2016 Gold Beer Seal first place award for wheat beer. This unique bottom-fermented beer guarantee’s a strong yeast aroma and a balanced taste with medium hop bitterness and a pleasant tang.

Lobkowicz even makes a Premium Alcohol-free Beer so delicious it has won fifteen Czech and International awards.  Lobkowicz Premium Alcohol-free Beer allows the drinker to enjoy a refreshing hoppy malt body beverage without affecting their ability to think and perform at the top of their game.

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