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True Tea

True Tea is, simply put tea done the right way with no shortcuts, no concentrate, and no industrialization. Instead True Tea offers consumers a hand crafted all natural beverage brewed in its country of origin the way it has been done locally for centuries. The process has been perfected and True Tea captures the nuances of each of its regionally sourced and prepared teas in every bottle. Each batch of True Tea is formulated and seeped following precise heritage recipes ensuring the drinker enjoys the same delicious, rejuvenating beverage every time.

Founders Vaclav Binar and Michal Hora were childhood friends who grew up in Olomouc, a small town in the east of the Czech Republic. After finishing school, they settled down and began careers in Prague. They remained good friends and in their off time enjoyed traveling together. They noticed that no matter what country they traveled to they all shared some variation in the preparation and enjoyment of tea. Tea is used around the world for comfort, warmth, refreshment, energy, and more. In fact, after water, tea is the most consumed beverage on the planet!

Unfortunately, when Vaclav and Michal returned home from their adventures and got back to their nine to five routines they never could find the premium quality iced tea they enjoyed during their travels. The products available were always made from concentrate and sugar, not delicious naturally healthy brewed tea. That lack of traditional tea inspired their mission to bring a new tea based on old principles of quality and taste to everyone across the globe. True Tea provides the most refreshing ice cold premium quality tea available made with honest all natural ingredients.

Three Teas, Three Continents

True Tea is available in three regionally sourced and prepared varieties; Yerba Mate from Itapua in Paraguay, Green Rooibos from Western Cape in South Africa, and Green Tea from the Tai Mu Mountain in the Fujian province of China.

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