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Vinos Guerra Vermouth

Vinos Guerra Vermouth comes from the region of Bierzo, located northwest of the province of León, within the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León in Spain. Here the process of creating Vinos Guerra Vermouth is virtually identical to how it was done when production began in 1879. It is crafted following a recipe long ago perfected which demands natural materials and meticulous attention throughout the harvest, winemaking, and aging processes.

Vino Guerra Vermouth’s complexity begins with the queen of white grapes in northwestern Spain, Godello. Vinos Guerra’s heritage Godello vines produce delicate, pale colored white wine with strong acidity and sweetness, highlighted by the aroma of citrus and taste of crisp apples. This graceful wine is enhanced by blending it with the region’s most celebrated varietal, Mencia Bierzo, for a more intense color and an unforgettable fruity bouquet. Both heritage varietals are cultivated using the traditional knowledge of regional winegrowers.

Each vine is given the personalized attention it deserves with soil analysis and plant tests on each plot. Sustainable farming practices like green pruning, thinning of bunches, and replacing herbicides with intelligent natural plowing allows farmers to maximize crop quality while respecting the ecosystem of the vineyard. Harvest time in Bierzo usually beings mid-September and lasts through the end of October. Each plot is carefully monitored to ensure the grapes are only harvested at their optimum maturity. Once harvested the grapes then pass over the sorting table where a skilled artisan selects only the finest Godello and Mencia Bierzo grapes to become the famous Vino Guerra Vermouth.

The complex taste of Vino Guerra’s Vermouth is further developed through the introduction of forty all natural herbal extracts, roots, flowers, spices, and fruits. The amber liquid is then aged in oak vats between eight and eighteen months with annual racking and is finished for another five months in steel tanks to ensure a consistently remarkable refreshment. The result is an aromatic vermouth with an intense complexity and refreshing fruit flavor. Vinos Guerra Vermouth is available in your choice of white or red vermouth.

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