Socially Responsible

About Madana Inc.

MADANA Inc. is a Worldwide Multi-Cultural business dedicated to Building Mutually rewarding relationships with our suppliers and improving Sustainability in the Communities they produce in.

Our guiding principle, to be both an Economic and Social Asset to each community in which we do business, has propelled MADANA Inc.’s success and allowed us to bring innovative products and business solutions to the market for Over 15 Years.

Headquartered in Fresno, California, the MADANA Inc. management team Specializes in the Global Distribution of Superior Quality products with rich History, crafted by Traditional methods, and Sustainably produced. By leveraging MADANA Inc.’s expansive network of business partnerships, innovative product development, and supply chain solutions we are able to provide our underprivileged producers the resources they need to grow their business but would not have access to otherwise.

Our portfolio of products are produced exclusively by Families who have been responsibly creating goods in their Local Communities for Generations.

At MADANA Inc. we know that traditional craftsmanship continues to be passed down generation by generation because it’s the correct way of doing things.

Our producers take pride in their work and follow Traditional Methods rather than cutting costs through inexpensive ingredients or heavily automated production. Instead We Create Increases to the Business’s bottom line through Intelligent Business Practices such as and Local Co-op Production.

We never tamper with the process or recipe to lower costs and there are never any middlemen to get rich off of markups.

Instead We Reward our Producers for their Superior Quality products by providing them the tools they need to expand their business and build a Better Future for Themselves and their Community. MADANA Inc. is blossoming Opportunities for disadvantage producers Worldwide and YOU can HELP us Power CHANGE with YOUR Purchase.

Preserving Heritage & Tradition

Agave Blossom Seal of Sustainability

MADANA Inc.’s portfolio of products has been vetted by founder and CEO Anamiria Madrigal and evaluated to consistently meet or exceed our standards of quality and sustainability. Sustainability is not just about taking care of the environment it is a three pronged approach to ensure everyone involved is able to thrive, now and in the future.

The Agave Blossom Seal of Sustainability signifies that the product is sourced, produced, and handled with the sustainability of the environment, individuals, and community in mind. We work closely with each product and producer to ensure they meet our standards or provide them the individual aide they need to achieve them.

Key factors included in the evaluation of our products and partner producers include:

  1. Quality
  2. Social Responsibility
  3. Environmental Stewardship
  4. Passion
  5. Heritage
  6. Tradition

True Passion

Our Producers

We live in a global economy, however economic resources are not equally distributed across the planet. MADANA Inc. empowers producers and growing brands from disadvantaged communities to expand into international markets by partnering with them to provide the resources they need to create lasting economic empowerment for generations to come. From helping local brands bridge the cultural gap with their marketing materials in countries they are expanding into to securing funding for business capital, we support our producer’s operations across the value chain according to their individual needs.

We embrace diversity and seek to give every entrepreneur the chance at the success they deserve. MADANA Inc. is certified as both a Minority Owned Enterprise (MBE) and a Woman Owned Enterprise (WBE). We seek out other minority and women owned business owners in disadvantaged communities to propel their growth through the opportunities created by our international business success.

MADANA Inc. always provides our consumers with the same quality and concentration of product as they would enjoy directly from the producers workspace. We never water down or tamper with the product on the way to market in an attempt to increase our profits. We believe in sharing success, not profiting on the sweat equity of others. MADANA buys products at fair trade rates so producers receive compensation for the true value of their high quality product.

Many ingredients in our products are locally sourced from the country where the product is created. Our producers take responsibility for the stewardship of the natural resources used in production and responsibly cultivate or forage for the raw materials they require. Care and planning is taken to ensure the environmental impact of production is mitigated with actions to protect or restore any resources taken.

To meet growing demand we encourage our producers to hire local workers and create community production co-ops. Employees and contracted workers are provided a safe working environment and a fair wage. By doing so the producer creates new job options which strengthen the community through increased employment opportunities and buying power. This in turn strengthens the local economy and creates opportunities for other local entrepreneur’s to reinvest their earnings into new enterprises.

MADANA Inc. partners and producers also contribute to a stronger community through social programs to improve the welfare of the citizens in the communities where their product originates. These programs range from children’s nutritional programs to community development and more. Check out our brand pages to discover some of the programs developed to help build stronger communities.