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Blinska Kyselka

The strongest pure alkaline mineral water Bílinská rises in the Czech Middle Mountains near the town of Bílina and is pumped from a depth of 190.8 meters. The springs are located close to the majestic mountains clinkstone Bořeň , which thanks to its wildly beautiful shape and fit around took some prosnulosti and her beauty extolled famous names like Alexander von Humboldt and JW Goethe . Connections, combinations and the relative proportions of salts in the mineral water contained Bílinská, is effective in many cases where the individual components are not proven otherwise.

Bílinská mineral water is packed in a purely natural state without any modifications. This is possible because the resource is sterile and the composition is not optimal.

Bílinská kyselka among natural, alkali, bicarbonate mineral water with a high concentration of minerals (5-7 g per 1 liter). Z cations include in particular sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron and anions of chloride, sulfate, fluoride, and hydrogen. The temperature of water is between 17 to 20 ° C. Due to the high concentration of natural CO 2 is a naturally carbonated beverage or mineral water .

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